If you apply for the following four credit cards (which you should), you will earn 169,000 bonus Aeroplan points at a cost of only $519. Enough for a roundtrip business class ticket around the world, or 15 one way flights in North America!
These cards are for Canadians only.

The Aeroplan reward chart is: https://www3.aeroplan.com/use-your-miles/flight-rewards-chart?currentLanguage=en

All the Amex links are Referral Links, which means I get a bonus if you apply through my link. So please apply through these links, and don’t refresh once you’ve started the application!

To apply for the Amex Cards, you need to have an annual income of at least $20,000. You can estimate your income. They don’t actually check. It is very easy to get approved for an Amex card – I have never heard of anyone having their application denied.
Use the above link and click on the Gold card on the bottom of the page.
This card has no annual fee for the first year (you can cancel after 6-11 months if you’d like) and gives you 25,000 bonus American Express points when you spend $1500 on the card within 3 months. Plus 5,000 bonus points if you add a supplementary user when you apply for the card (it’s free, put any name), for a total of 30k bonus points. These points can be transferred to Aeroplan and other programs. This is enough points for a free roundtrip (or two one-ways) anywhere in North America.
I receive a referral bonus when you apply for this card using the link above. If you decide to apply, please use the above link and do not refresh the page while applying.
Use the above link and click on the Business Gold card on the bottom of the page.

This card has no annual fee for the first year and gives you 40,000 (!!!) bonus points after spending $5000 within three months.You don’t need to have an actual business to apply – just write your own name as the business name. Of course, you need to be able to spend $5000 in three months. If this is challenging, skip this card.  

Annual fee of $399. But for that you get 75,000 bonus points after spending $5000! So that’s enough for a $750 statement credit, or a roundtrip around the world in economy class, or three roundtrips in North America. You also get a ton of perks, including airport lounge access.
Use the above link and click on the SPG card on the bottom of the page.
This card has an annual fee of $120 (NOT waived for the first year), but gives you 20,000 bonus SPG points after spending $1500 within 3 months. If you don’t already have an SPG account, you will be assigned one automatically when you apply. 20k SPG points can be transferred to 30k Aeroplan points (during the semi annual Aeroplan transfer promo – otherwise, it can be transferred to 25k Aeroplan points). You can also use these points for SPG hotels. I used these points for two nights at a top-of-the-line Westin, which would have cost over $900 had I paid with cash! You can also use this for 7 nights at a mid-range Sheraton, or a luxury hotel in a cheaper country.

Good luck! If you have any questions on how to best use your points, feel free to email me at mpencer@outlook.com