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The Mind-Blowing Isle of Skye


We had three full days in Skye. We came in with high expectations and left barely knowing what hit us.  Continue reading “The Mind-Blowing Isle of Skye”

Edinburgh & the Drive to Skye

Michelle and I recently returned from an amazing 8 days in Scotland. We had a week off from work and when $500 nonstop flights became available we couldn’t resist. 
Continue reading “Edinburgh & the Drive to Skye”

Seychelles Part 3: Mahé

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Although we greatly enjoyed our guesthouses in La Digue and Praslin, we were excited to get the true honeymoon experience for our three days in Mahé! Continue reading “Seychelles Part 3: Mahé”

Seychelles Part 2: Praslin

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After two great days we said goodbye to La Digue, and took the 9:30 am ferry to Praslin. Continue reading “Seychelles Part 2: Praslin”

Seychelles Part 1: La Digue

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Our first stop in the Seychelles was the remote, mostly car-free island of La Digue. Continue reading “Seychelles Part 1: La Digue”

My Guide to the Seychelles

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Michelle and I spent the first 8 nights of our honeymoon in the beautiful Seychelles, an archipelago/country in the Indian Ocean. Continue reading “My Guide to the Seychelles”

How we Booked our Honeymoon Flights for $200 Each

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Total cost for 57 hours of business class flights for two and 18 nights in hotels: $1250 CAD. Continue reading “How we Booked our Honeymoon Flights for $200 Each”

Hiking in the Canadian Rockies


Sometimes, the most stunning places aren’t across the world, but across the country. We spent 8 days in Alberta (and some places in BC) exploring multiple turquoise glacier lakes, countless stunning mountain views, and one gorgeous hike after another.  Continue reading “Hiking in the Canadian Rockies”

Cape Town, a New Favourite City!


What do you want in a city? For me, it should:  Continue reading “Cape Town, a New Favourite City!”

A Day on South Africa’s Panorama Route


The “Panorama Route” – an hour-long scenic drive featuring seemingly endless scenic lookouts – is an ideal place to spend a night to break up the 5-hour drive between Johannesburg and Kruger National Park. Continue reading “A Day on South Africa’s Panorama Route”

Trip Report: Kruger Self-Guided Safari

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Below is a day-by-day overview of our time in Kruger, describing the routes we took and everything else we saw and did (restaurants, activities, accommodation). Continue reading “Trip Report: Kruger Self-Guided Safari”

Kruger National Park Guide – Safari for $75/Day!

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We’re back home from South Africa, and wow, it exceeded our expectations in every way. Continue reading “Kruger National Park Guide – Safari for $75/Day!”

5 Day Stopover in Hong Kong

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Continue reading “5 Day Stopover in Hong Kong”

Cathay Pacific First Class


For this trip we’re starting with the best part – flying Cathay Pacific first class! Continue reading “Cathay Pacific First Class”

We’re off to South Africa, in Style for $330!

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I’ve been planning on going to South Africa for a while; unfortunately, it’s not so easy to get to. Flights are very long (15 hour flight from JFK) and expensive ($1500+). Continue reading “We’re off to South Africa, in Style for $330!”

A Week in Charleston, Savannah, and the Coastal South


From DC, the original plan was to drive through Delaware and coastal Maryland, but it was raining all day so we decided to go to Wilmington, NC instead Continue reading “A Week in Charleston, Savannah, and the Coastal South”

We’re on a USA Road Trip! First Up: Philly & DC


Michelle and I are on a 26-day road trip around the eastern United States, driving our own car, starting in Montreal. Continue reading “We’re on a USA Road Trip! First Up: Philly & DC”

A GoPro Video of our RTW Trip!

All thanks to Michelle, of course!


RTW Part X: Narita & Beijing


A few days in Palau was enough for us – we were more than ready to get back to civilization. We had a three day (exactly 71 hours) stopover in Beijing Continue reading “RTW Part X: Narita & Beijing”

RTW Part IX: Jellyfish Lake & The Rock Islands of Palau


Although getting to Palau was very time consuming, and staying there was expensive, it was all worth it for the chance to see the incredible Rock Islands and the famous (by Palauan standards) Jellyfish Lake. Continue reading “RTW Part IX: Jellyfish Lake & The Rock Islands of Palau”

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