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RTW Part VIII: Getting to and Staying in Palau

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 2.35.24 PM.png
Our crazy route from Krabi to Palau

It’s time to say goodbye to Thailand and head to our next destination, the remote South Pacific island-nation of Palau (population 21,000, the fourth-least populated country in the world). Continue reading “RTW Part VIII: Getting to and Staying in Palau”

RTW Part VII: Relaxing and Eating in Ko Lanta


After five days in super-touristy (but well worth a visit) Ao Nang, and two weeks of flying around Thailand and Cambodia at a fast pace, it was time to slow down and Ko Lanta is the perfect place to do exactly that.  Continue reading “RTW Part VII: Relaxing and Eating in Ko Lanta”

RTW Part VI: Island-Hopping in Krabi


A week inland had us itching to check out the beach. To get our beach fill, we spent 6 nights (5 full days) in Ao Nang, Krabi – one of the most beautiful places in the world, if a bit (ie: very) touristy. We stayed at Anawin Bungalows (1500 baht/night), which were nice bungalows in a garden-like setting. Continue reading “RTW Part VI: Island-Hopping in Krabi”

RTW Part V: Chiang Mai

Photo 2016-02-10, 12 09 46 PM.jpg(Michelle again! Matt seems to enlist me only when it’s time to write about foodie cities. Coincidence?)
We arrived in Chiang Mai in the early evening and immediately checked into our hotel, The Britannia. The location was ideal, centrally situated on one of the cuter and livelier alleyways in Chiang Mai. 

Continue reading “RTW Part V: Chiang Mai”

RTW Part IV: Angkor


We arrived in Siem Reap ready to tour the temples of Angkor! Since we were too lazy to apply for an e-visa for Cambodia, we had to wait in line for a visa on arrival after landing in Siem Reap airport. Continue reading “RTW Part IV: Angkor”

RTW Part III: Bangkok


Following our quick stopover in Egypt, we safely arrived in Thailand, the main destination of our trip! Bangkok, the capital and by far the biggest city in Thailand, was not really a must-see for me. But since we were jet-lagged (12 hours ahead of Montreal time) Continue reading “RTW Part III: Bangkok”

RTW Part II: One Day in Cairo


After 21 hours of travelling with Turkish Airlines, we arrived in Cairo! We stayed at Le Meridien Cairo Airport, which is very conveniently connected to Terminal 3, so that we were able to go straight to bed after landing very late at night. Also, I was able to use my SPG points (only 4000 points!) to pay for the hotel, as opposed to paying their normal rate of $170 USD. Continue reading “RTW Part II: One Day in Cairo”

Part I of our RTW Trip: The Turkish Airlines Business Class Experience


As some of you may know, Michelle and I have just started our Round-the-World (RTW) trip! We will be travelling to Cairo, Thailand, Cambodia, Palau, Tokyo, and Beijing. Of course, our flights were booked through Aeroplan, so we’re only out of pocket $200 each (for taxes and surcharges). Continue reading “Part I of our RTW Trip: The Turkish Airlines Business Class Experience”

Eating Our Way Through Austin, TX

Photo 2016-01-17, 3 40 04 PM.jpg

(It’s Michelle again!)

I first decided I wanted to visit Austin over a year ago. Matt and I had heard great things about its thriving food scene and quasi-cowboy-hippie-culture. So when Matt was booking our tickets home from Cancun, we opted to use our free stopover for a short trip to Austin. Continue reading “Eating Our Way Through Austin, TX”

Mexico Part 3: Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Surviving a Police Encounter!


Having spent most of our trip exploring the inland parts of the Yucatan, it’s time for the beach! But it’s not only all-inclusives along the “Riviera Maya” (though there are many – and they all have huge walls surrounding them, lest the tourists be exposed to some actual Mexican culture)! Continue reading “Mexico Part 3: Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Surviving a Police Encounter!”

Mexico Part 2: Ruins & Cenotes


After getting a taste of city life in Merida, it’s time for some exploring! We have three nights and two full days in the Valladolid area, staying at Genesis Eco-Oasis Ek Balam. Continue reading “Mexico Part 2: Ruins & Cenotes”

Mexico Road Trip Part 1: Merida & Izamal


Michelle and I are spending seven nights driving around the Yucatan. Here’s what we did! Continue reading “Mexico Road Trip Part 1: Merida & Izamal”

Three Days in the Most Magical Place on Earth

File_008 (1).jpeg
Hello! Michelle here. Matt suggested that I take over our trip report on Disney since I’m a lifelong Disney devotee. From the cheesy street dancers to the churros and late night fireworks, I love everything about Disney World. Continue reading “Three Days in the Most Magical Place on Earth”

We’re Going to Mexico & Texas! Here’s how we Booked our Flights

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 5.31.31 PM.png

We have lots of travel planned for 2016, and we’ve booked tons of flights using points!  Continue reading “We’re Going to Mexico & Texas! Here’s how we Booked our Flights”

My Unofficial Travel Guide to Hawaii


If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, here’s what I thought about the four major islands. Continue reading “My Unofficial Travel Guide to Hawaii”

A Long Weekend in San Diego

Sunset Cliffs

Michelle and I spent 4 nights and three full days in San Diego. My brother keeps winning fantasy football contests, and luckily for us he won a trip to San Diego on a weekend that he had an exam he couldn’t skip!  Continue reading “A Long Weekend in San Diego”

Japan Part 2: Tokyo

Akihabara “Electric Town”

Day 4: From Tokyo Station we took a short cab ride to our hotel, the Daichi Hotel Annex. For the afternoon we decided to take the metro to Akihabara, which was a lot of fun. All the signs and sounds are a bit of an overload to the senses!  Continue reading “Japan Part 2: Tokyo”

Japan Part 1: Kyoto


After Hawaii and Guam, our final destination was Japan, where we had 7 nights. We flew into Osaka and spent 3 nights in Kyoto, then took the bullet train  to Tokyo, where we stayed 4 nights before flying out of Tokyo/Narita Airport.   Continue reading “Japan Part 1: Kyoto”

23 Hours in Guam

No editing – the water really looks like this

We had a 23 hour layover in Guam, landing at 6:00 pm and departing at 5:00 pm. We rented a car from Budget and stayed in Tumon Bay.  Continue reading “23 Hours in Guam”

Hawaii Part 3: Oahu


Day 12: We spent most of our day walking around Waikiki and on the beach, which is always enjoyable. Waikiki is essentially a mix of Beach, Fifth Avenue, and Tokyo.  Continue reading “Hawaii Part 3: Oahu”

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